Luscious Lips



  • Lippy

    *Note*: Vanilla Banilla, Sweet Mint, Tea Tree, and Raspberry Mango in stock. These are made on a limited basis in limited quantities. Others are out of stock. You may place a custom order for a batch of 20 for $60.00. Iced Grape, Cocoa Butter Bliss, Citrus Dream, and Keylime Coconut available in custom bulk batch.

    Natural lip balm in a tube. The key ingredient is organic virgin coconut oil. Unlike those waxy, sticky versions, this goes on smooth. The tea tree lippy is great for extra soothing.

    Sweet Mint, Citrus Dream, and Tea Tree are made with essential oils. Cocoa Butter Bliss has no flavoring...just a very slight taste of chocolate due to the unrefined cocoa butter.

    Please note in customer comment section at checkout which kinds you would like.