Do your soaps contain lye?

No. Lye is used when creating soap, but when the soap is cured there is no lye present in the end product. The alkali, which is lye, causes a chemical reaction when mixed with the oils. This process is called saponification. Soap cannot be made without lye...if someone tells you that they would be LYEing. Anyway, at the end of this whole process we have a wonderfully gentle soap!

How does your soap clean if it is not "anti-bacterial"?

Simply and purely! According to the Director of the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection, Jodi Bernstein says, "There's simply no evidence that using anti-bacterial lotion reduces the incidence of disease. We want consumers to know that washing well with soap and water is as good as it gets when it comes to warding off disease causing germs and protecting themselves from cold and flu." The main ingredient in many anti-bacterial products is triclosan, which has not been proven effective against viruses-the cause of most common diseases suffered by consumers, including colds and influenza.

Some of our soaps and products contain anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties obtained naturally through herbs and essential oils. Lavender, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus are just a few.

Why do you use rice bran oil?

While researching vegetable oils used in skin care, I discovered that Rice Bran Oil is rich in gamma-oryzanol which can protect by intercepting UV ray transmission and replenishes the skin. It also contains squalene and proanthrocyanidins which improve skin tone, delay wrinkle formation, and act as a defense for our skin. Rice bran oil also contains natural antioxidants as well as tocotrienol and tocophyerol (Vitamin E). It is an extremely gentle oil making it ideal for sensitive, mature or delicate skin where additional moisturization is desired. This is a great oil for the skin, and I think one that gets overlooked. It is also great for your insides as well. Pure olive oil is a great oil, but if you look at these two oils side-by-side, I think you will be very surprised at what Rice Bran Oil has to offer for both skin applications and culinary uses.

Does your soap have an expiration date?

If you take care of your soap by keeping it dry, your soap will stay stable for quite a long time, up to two years or more. The scent of your soap may diminish a bit over time, but the soap will be wonderful. You may unwrap your purchased soap and put it in a linen drawer. This will harden the bar further, and make your unmentionables smell nice too.

How long does your soap last?

It is important to keep your soap high and dry between uses. All soaps will dissolve and become mushy if left in a puddle of water, or if left in the path of the shower spray. Handcrafted soaps need to be able to "breathe" on all sides. Using a self-draining soap dish will allow it to last a long time. You can find our handcrafted cedar soap dishes here on our site.

Are your scents strong?

Some products have no scent, some are made to have a light scent, and some do have a stronger scent. Some scents are natural and some scents are synthetic. Being natural doesn't necessarily mean that the scent won't be as strong though. Products scented with lavender essential oil are fairly strong and many people love this, but some don't. I try to have a balance of natural and synthetic scents. We do, however, follow guidelines to keep your skin safe when determining the amount of fragrance and essential oils we use. Sometimes scents morph depending on what they are in. For example, scents will smell a little differently in the soaks because of the salts. And also, because we use unrefined shea butter, the scents will take on a little of that slight nutty smoky scent that shea butter has.

Will the soap scent my skin?

We believe that soap is meant to be washed off, therefore it will not leave a long-lasting scent on your skin. If it does, you haven't rinsed well enough. The scent that is in soap is a treat for the shower or bath, where you can revel in the sensual sensory experience. It may bring fond memories or make you feel like you are in a spa or tropical location. If you want long-lasting scent, you should also use one of our scrubs and light oil body sprays or sticks.