Bath Salt Soaks

Treat yourself to some "me" time with these therapeutic spa salt soaks. They contain epsom salts, dead sea salts, clays, botanicals, clays, milks, wholesome grains, and essential oils. They caress your skin while are said to be disinfecting(the lavender and tea tree), nerve calming, and muscle relaxing for a Nirvana bath time that brings harmony to your body, mind & Spirit(TM).

Dead sea salts have a very high mineral content and are said to detoxify the skin. They help revitalize, exfoliate and purify. The epsom salts relax muscles while providing a source of magnesium. Clays and muds draw excess oils and debris from the skin with detoxifying effects. Oatmeal and honey soothe and smooth. The essential oils offer various aromatherapy effects including relaxation and purification.



  • Spa Bath Soak

    Relax with soothing bath! 16 oz.

    Bath Salts choose your scent and list in customer comment section at checkout: oatmeal and honey, vanilla, pear, sandalwood vanilla, pink grapefruit, margarita lime, lemon balsam, sweet hippie (patchouli and vanilla), lilac, pumpkin chai, mangapaya, cranberry spice, lavender, lavender mint, fresh rain, sugarberry wine, pomegranate, vanilla, brigadoon, forest blend, chocolate, moroccan(patchouli, lavender, rosewood), lavender, palmarosa, rose geranium, frankincense, bonsai, cherry, Irish moss, sea kelp/agave and more. For feet is peppermint tea tree.

    16oz bag any scent: $15.

    Will not be packaged as shown. Packaged in a plastic bag with a ribbon.