About Us - Our Story

Natural Life Quest

nature boy For several years I had been researching and studying the effects of chemicals in our environment. I also took an interest in aromatherapy, herbs, and natural and organic products. I had always wanted to live better, and had always maintained a somewhat healthy lifestyle. This became increasingly more important to me when our teenage son was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. I continue to work on providing a greener and healthier living environment for my family.

Artistic Alchemy

I became quite discouraged by the cost of "organic and natural" labeled products when most of the products, upon reading the fine print on the label, were not completely natural at all. I decided to research recipes for skincare and started formulating basic skincare products on my own for myself and my family. I also started to experiment with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils(aromatherapy) and herbal tea infusions. As I realized the benefits were very real, my excitement grew. I started creating many products and became more intrigued with the art and science of creating soap.

A New Beginning

In the beginning of this experimentation, my son continued to go through chemotherapy treatments which required me to be home with him more often than not. Even though I still loved teaching music to young children and continued to do so, I realized that building a home-based business would allow me to be able to continue to work and take care of my son as well.

What Does NaKee' Mean?

People often ask us what NaKee' means and often think it means naked, which is a cute name for a natural soap and skincare business, but it does mean much more. NaKee' is a combination of two of our boys' names.


The mission of NaKee' Natural is to make practical, yet luxurious personal care products that are made with care with the purest, natural ingredients we can get our hands on and still be able to offer them at an affordable cost. With NaKee' Natural, we want to help you achieve: Goodness to your body...Balance for your soul...renewal for your spirit.